King High School (L to R) Larissa Erebia-2nd place, Sonya Hill-1st place, Alexander Estrada-3rd place, Nathan Edge-Honorable Mention
Veteran’s Memorial High School (L to R) Brian Garcia-2nd place, Lael Eden-1st place, Izabella Flores-3rd place, Emily Grassman-Honorable Mention
Carroll High School (L to R) Lene Theunissen-Honorable Mention, Isaiah Diaz-1st place, Sabrina Phung-3rd place, Eddina Coppice-Honorable Mention, Julia Aleman-2nd place
Moody High School ( to R) Alexis Rios-3rd place, Alondra Olivera-2nd place, Maria Navarro-1st place
Ray High School (L to R) Mia Martinez-Honorable Mention, Amanda Moreno-1st place, Mae Pisanek-Honorable Mention, Cadence Aguilar-2nd place, Maya Nguyen-3rd place, Madison O’Hair-Honorable Mention
Solomon Coles High School (L to R) Faith Fleet-3rd place, Kyndall Auzenne-2nd place, Alexis Saldana-1st place
Miller High School (L to R) Starla Suarez-2nd place, Bella Resendez-3rd place, Abigail Morales-1st place